Micki & Jeff Get Married!

This post is very different from all the others. In an exciting way!
My best friend Micki and I met in Kindergarden. Neither of us have a sister...so we take that place for each other. She means the world to me and in July, she got married to the man of her dreams. I have to share with you her photos. She is the most beautiful person I know inside and out; you get to meet her now!
~Breathtaking Beauty~

Love this photo!

They are so in love...you can tell without even knowing them!

To recap this moment, I was loving the mike as I shared our stories
from young to old!

Probably my most favorite photo ever!

Micki's family is family to me....this is her loving aunt with tears and Micki's brother Kenneth with smiles as they watch their "lil Mick" getting ready to marry her man!

Her laughter is my joy!!

We enjoyed the fun and laughter!

These photos were taken on Micki's Grandpa and Grandma's
beautiful farm in Kentucky.

~Beautiful Soul Mates~

Walking together always.....Hand in Hand!


The Glowing Girl!

The photos, as you can tell...are AMAZING!
Taken by Steph Keller.

The red was a rich selection that Micki chose!

Big Sister and Little Brother!

She is a Natural Beauty!


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