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Before I start blogging, please know that I blog so late at night becuase I am so busy during the day! I am not crazy, just tired, but blogging is my artistic fun when I am very sleepy, lol!
Do not judge any of my english and spelling as I type! ENJOY THIS ONE!!!! Love, Holly

Okay, this is probably one of my most exciting posts yet! I know I have many weddings to update on here, but this stuff just makes me so happy! I LOVE front porches and I know one day I will have one :) to rock my babies in a rocking chair! I found this Farm below in Tennessee when I found out that they hosted Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's engagment party and also styled Miranda and Blake's wedding ceremony in San Antonio, Texas  last month! This is a Nashville, TN wedding venue so check it out if you want to get married in Nashville! If California Kentucky did not exist, we would have had the wedding at Front Porch Farms! I know our big 450 + wedding would have followed us too because we are in LOVE with the simple country life! I emailed Kathy from Front Porch Farms and I really hope to visit her one day! She was so kind to email me back and I look forward to meeting her and her husband! Check their website out! Their story is adorable, I copied and pasted their History below. Their website is http://www.frontporchfarmstn.com/
 I wanted to do a blog post on the farm and in the meantime I also found some fun photos on google from Miranda and Blake's engagement party here. I also found photos of the flowers and decor of course!!!

Here are a couple photos of the BEAUTIFUL venue/home! Kathy and her husband raised  their children here too! Its like a country fairytale!

Front Porch Farms~ A Southern Love Story
(Story Below is Directly From http://www.frontporchfarmstn.com/)

 The history of Front Porch Farms is deeply rooted in our love story. I first met Brian in the firehall that he works at as a Nashville firefighter, and our deep friendship quickly grew into something even more wonderful. While we were dating, Brian was frequently coming to my rescue by doing repairs on the old house I was living in. One day, he swore that he would build me a brand-new “old southern” estate so he wouldn’t have to constantly repair it.

In 2004, as we were driving through the countryside of Tennessee, we came across a beautiful expanse of land that simply took our breath away. On it was a quaint farm house, perfect for intimate country living. We bought it all. And then, only months later, our close family and friends gathered there to watch us become husband and wife.

A sudden and disastrous tornado struck our land in 2006. The clean-up effort inspired Brian to fulfill his promise and build the southern dream home I had always wanted; a southern estate that echoed from the pages of Gone With The Wind. In 2008, development was completed and that dream became a reality. Not only are the houses and facilities authentically southern, but the grounds, forests, and gardens are all meticulously designed and manicured to grand detail. And once Front Porch Farms was finished, its splendor was so overwhelming that I felt we had no choice but to share its beauty and romance with other couples who are also looking to make their southern dreams of love come true.

Photos below are from their website! I'm already planning for my husband and I to renew our vows here someday! :) And I am serious :). These photos are in no order, just ones I found on their website that I loved from different events and weddings! Sit back and enjoy!

 and I saved my favorite photo for last.........
 Okay, now here are the one's from country music singers, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton! Enjoy the fun and flowers! These photos are from google.


Okay, my final and last favorite photo for this post! Dierks Bentley is my  favorite country musician, well Alan Jackson is, but Dierks is next!
 Here is a fun photo of Dierks and Miranda at Front Porch Farms singing karaoke at the engagement party!

This is the website with some of their wedding details! I hope to do a post on their wedding in the future!!!

Goodnight and until next time I hope you enjoyed this! I love comments on these fun posts!


  1. Love that place! I wish Curtis & I could get married there!


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