Love, Laughter, Life, & Flowers!

This was our wedding day! The day I became Mrs. Holly Schweitzer! I want to post every single photo that our photographers took! But I didnt! So you will see some extras that I added in at the end.
 My flower choices are different compared to what I usually design. I wanted beauty but crazy not normal! We had a mid November wedding (even though our day felt like a warm summer day!) I chose black dresses with gold accents! The flowers were warm crazy colors! I love the color yellow because its so happy so that is why I accented in a goldish yellow!

This is one of our serious photos, it was so hard not to smile when you were so excited!

See! I had to let my laugh loose! You wouldn't believe me if I told you how fun our photographers were! You have to experience meeting them, you will fall in love! You will see their link on the right side of the blog. Check them out! Be careful, you will be addicted to their blog!!! Kortnee Kate Photography!Note, that red rose I am will see what that is as you read below!

I love this photo!

I felt like I was in the good ol days! I wish I lived during the era
of these cars and poodle skirts!

Ahh...the country, what a Home feeling.

Okay, now to why we are here! The Flowers! bouquet as you can imagine was impossible for me to decide on! I probably could have made 10 bouquets for myself and I would have carried every one of them! I wanted something different so I sewed together white dendrobium orchids to create a totally"Holly" bouquet. I loved the white lisianthus that opened up beautifully! They looked like ruffles!

The phael orchids were detailed in the bouquet and in my hair!

For the bridesmaids' bouquets, I did a bountiful selection of many of my favorites. I love simple, but I am not a simple person by any means! I wanted the rustic berries, the hanging green amaranthus, the hocus pocus roses with the yellow speckles, the fuscia stock, the tangerine sweethearts, and much more! It was like a crayon box of flowers!

I think that life requires color, creativity, laughter, fun, joy, hope,
faith, and flowers! I love nature's, grass, trees, even the weeds!

There's my man! Isnt he adorable!

He is my biggest fan and # 1 support in life!

I love this photo because it looks like the Sun!

This is one of my favorite photos so I can remember the look that I had when we first saw each other on that November day! It went so fast! He had a red rose waiting for me! It was very beautiful, I know it didnt match my other flowers but life isn't about matching perfectly, its about making life your work of art, whether its matching or not! You will stress out if you want life to match!

Extra Fun Photos from Our Amazing Photographers!!!!!


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