Just returned from paradise!

I have been missing!
I left my full time job a few weeks ago to pursue both my businesses and I thought I would have time to breathe; but I have been SO BUSY!  I know busyness is a good thing, but WOW, I didn't know how crazy it was going to be! But I am so happy to be working for wondeful reasons! Between leaving my job and starting full time with my endeavors, my husband and I had a trip booked with friends to beautiful Punta Cana!
 So, just in case you do not believe me that I was out of the country :), here are a few photos below of Brandon and I soaking up the sunshine!  If I have time down the road, maybe I will do a post on our 3 "out of the country" experiences! Jamaica, Mexico, and Dominican Republic - absolutely beautiful places, but it really makes you appreciate the life we have been blessed with here in our Kentucky home. :)


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