Just for Fun! A peak at Susan & Michael's Maternity Photos!

My friend Susan called me up and asked "Holly, will you take some photos of Mike and I before we have this baby!?" I said of course Susan but I am no professional! I just LOVE these two! They had outfits ready to go! She text me as I was on my way and it said "Holly, I am ready for my debut!" Love it!
 Susan and I have been friends for years! We cheered together in high school where we shared so many laughs! We were in each others weddings and now it is so FUN to watch her get ready to have a BABY!!!!
Check this beauty out! She is a blonde, so bubbly, full of love and just gorgeous!
These are before any photo shop so I will post those all later! I do not mess with photo shop but she does!
These are just a few of the MANY I took!

When I walked into the house, she appeared out of the corner in her robe and was like "I'm ready!" 
She is so stinking adorable!

 They have their bags packed and ADORABLE notes for their parents upstairs with GIRL and BOY outfits layed out, look at these sweet notes!!!!

 Now don't you agree their baby is going to have the most GORGEOUS BLUE EYES EVER!!!

 Look at the LIGHT filtering in the back!
 See her excitement and joy!!

 Okay, Susan and Michael are probably the biggest UK fans I know so these are only appropriate!

 I cannot wait to meet Baby Pangallo and show you more of the photos! She had some cute ideas for these photos with a bow and tag on her belly along with scrabble pieces! I will add these on here after everything is touched up! We took SO many photos!!


  1. Great photos, Holly! Girl, you will be able to start a full service agency with all your combined talents.

    Congratulations, Susan. You are a beautiful mommy-to-be!


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