Stephanie & Josh Get Married!

Here to introduce to you, Stephanie and Josh! A couple with the biggest hearts ever! Stephanie is my cousin and she has truly found her perfect match in Josh! I am so happy for them to start their lives together! They are just always so upbeat, loving, and so fun! Photos were taken by Steph Keller Photography!
I have to brag once again, that California, Ky is truly one of the most beautiful places ever! Stephanie, Josh, and their wedding party visited both her grandparents farms for photos! 
The girls' dresses were precious! They were a bright, fun, summer coral color and gave a sweet and kind look to the wedding!

Country Bumpkins!
This field was amazing for photos!!! Stephanie grew up on this land when she was little! It makes great memories for her!
There is something about that "in love" look that is just priceless!

Here is Steph and her gals of the day! 2 of them are mommies to be!

The 1st Glance! Surprise!

They are going to have the most adorable and beautiful blonde babies!

Grandpa's cross was on her bouquet; this was so special.
I love how there are so many special things in this photo.

The wedding party did the LIMBO as the song played! This was so fun!

Steph and Josh, always be each others best friend and laugh all you can! God will shower you with blessings from above! You two have such big hearts and what you do for others will for sure come back to you in return! Love you both!

Here are a couple of my photos that i took of Stephanie's bouquet!
Orchids, Roses, Lilies, Stephanotis, and Solidago!


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