Lindsay & Jesse Get Married!

Meet Lindsay! What a stunning veil! I am telling you, only certain ladies can pull this off and she is one of them! It was stunning with her dress style! Lindsay & Jesse got married in July of this year!
~Their photos were by Denise Ante~
Lindsay's bouquet included ivory roses, lisianthus, crespedia, and feathers for fun & flair!

Wow! Detail = Gorgeous!

Such a beautiful black and white photo of her!

Love the serious pose.

Again, shoes are my fave! These look totally comfy!

Jewels & Bling!

Here are a couple close ups of her bouquet!


The girls' dress color is truly one of my favorite colors!!! One of the walls in my bedroom is painted this dark color! It's called Peacock!

Here is more of a closeup photo of the dresses and the bouquets!

You can see the peacock feathers in the gals bouquet! This was Lindsay's idea and I LOVE IT!

I had to share this photo! This is Lindsay's Grandpa Bezold who is my Grandpa Bezold's cousin! He is precious and owner of Beezy Bees Honey!!

Lindsay's flower girl carried a pomander - these are so cute!

Sacred Heart Divine Mercy Church in Bellevue!

Here is a photo that I took of her church arrangement with the peacock feather detail!

Lindsay and Jesse! Here they are!

So happy!!!!!

The wedding party!

What a sweet photo of the two :)


Loved their favors! Jars of Honey from her Grandpa!


Lindsay & Jesse, your theme says it, "How Sweet It Is". That's exactly how you will see your relationship as a married couple! It is such an awesome thing to have that one person who you can't live without and everything you do with them is just a "sweet" and "special" feeling! You just can't get enough! I wish you both nothing but happiness and many many blessings as you grow through life together! Love, Holly


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