Jodi & Chad Get Married!

You may remember seeing these Sneak Peak photos in the summer but now I bring to you the full post! Meet the beautiful Jodi! There are so many words to describe her and her natural beauty so I will just name a few: Stunning, Lovely Smile, full of Joy and Love, & all around beautiful woman! I am so excited to share with you the photos from her and Chad's wedding! The black and white style was just awesome!
 The dresses always gives me chills! The wonderful photographer Geri Ciulla did a fantastic job!

 This is Jodi's precious niece! It brings me back to being a little girl always dreaming about a wedding one day!
 Details are my fave...but my first fave is.............

The preparation and anticipation! So full of happiness!

 How special is this.......
 Jodi and her mom have such a beautiful bond! Her mom is seriously the sweetest ever!
I think these need to be in a magazine, she is just gorgeous!
Emotions are so strong and so special.

 This may be my favorite of the photos....view each one as she sees her parents for the first time that day in her dress!
 Here she comes.....
 I love the looks already!!!
 Just so sweet!

O those shoes are darling! She is on her way to get married!

 The beautiful St. Thomas Church, Fort Thomas, Ky!

 Here comes the Bride...
 Love this~
 Pew Decor~

 The wedding party rode in a Trolley!
Good Luck Sprinkles~
How adorable are they.....
The studs!
~The Wedding Party~
 The Ladies!
 The flowers! If you are wandering what the black detail is in the bouquets, it is an actual fresh flower but tinted black! They are called Craspedia!
I love meeting sisters who are so close! I never had a sister so it is so neat to me to see sister "love and friendship"! You can just tell that Jodi and her sister Jennifer love each other very much!

 I just love this photo!

 Isn't he just so cute!
 Beautiful Couple~
In Love and So happy~
Here we are at the Reception! Just Gorgeous!
The Reception was held at the Marriott in Covington, KY.

 O my goodness, I just love little ones!

 Jodi and Chad, you both are two amazing and special people! Your love for one another is shown through each other especially when you talk about one another! I  pray and hope for all the blessings for you two as you start this new life together as husband and wife! Laugh often and love always! You are going to have an amazing and fantastic life together! Love, Holly

 Love this photo by the way :)


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